Super-grooms: 5 tips for getting that perfect #equinejob

Written on August 23, 2017 at 12:14 pm


So you’ve found that perfect super-groom job, but now you need to seal the deal… Here are our 5 top tips for succeeding in an equestrian interview:

Make sure your CV is complete and professional.
Whatever the job, you still need to sell yourself to your potential new employer as best you can. Make sure you shout about your skills in your CV, and leave the details and extras for the interview. Always tailor your application to each new job you apply for.

Have the right experience.
Some key skills are really valued by employers. So, if you can drive a HGV, make sure this is clearly listed on your CV. Get as much experience as you can in these areas – you can always train up in the small stuff later.

Know your stuff.
Read up about the role, your employer and their field before write your application, and ask tonnes of questions in the interview. The interview is a chance for your potential new employer to get to know you, but this works both ways!

Look and act the part.
Even if you’re going to be spending your time on the job in mucky yard boots, you need to look the part during your interview or trial day – you should be smart and well-presented. This goes for any down-time as well. You may be on a lunch break, but this is still a part of the interview, so keep impressing them.

Don’t be too picky.
It may be your dream job to work on a specific yard, but in reality that’s going to be difficult to achieve. Think outside the box: temporary jobs can lead to permanent ones, and if not, then you’ve made some great contacts along the way who you can rely on in future. And who knows, you may even try something completely new that you end up loving…

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