An equine sport for the Winter Olympics? #EquineJob #Skijoring

We’ve all been enjoying watching the action from PyeongChang’s Winter Olympics but, unlike its Summer counterpart, there’s a distinct lack of horse sport involved! While our equine friends might not be any good in the halfpipe or on skates, there is a winter sport they can take part in… Skijoring, roughly translated as ski driving, […]

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Prize fund and entry fees for British Eventing competitions to rise by 5%

British Eventing (BE) has announced that it will increase both prize money and entry fees by 5% across all its affiliated competitions. The move comes in response to the British Event Organisers Association (BEOA) announcing that over the past few years the running cost of events had risen faster than the price of entry fees. […]

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#polo grooming – is it for you?

Thinking of venturing into the world of polo? Our resident polo expert at Career Grooms explains the good and bad points of doing a summer season – follow our Q&A sessions from the world of eventing, driving, endurance, dressage, racing and stud work throughout the next couple of months. Q: How much do I need […]

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#freelance grooms. To rug or not to rug? That is the question on today’s blog #horsehealth #equinejob

As we are underway in 2018 and temperatures fluctuate so much, more and more of us will be thinking about dusting off our range of rugs. But when and how should we actually be using them? All too often horses are over-rugged, leading to overheating and disruption of healthy weight loss, which can contribute to diseases […]

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New Year, New Opportunities #freelance #groom #newyear

We can hardly believe it: 2017 is almost over! As the calendar flips over into January, we all start thinking about that cliché of a New Year’s resolution – the thing we inevitably give up on by February but really wish we could achieve. Well, at Career Grooms we’re giving a helping hand with one […]

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