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Employers FAQ’s

How does Career Grooms Work?

Once you have registered and paid, you have access to details of all Grooms registered with CAREER GROOMS LTD online. You then contact those Grooms. At the same time you may post details of the positions that you have available and let Grooms apply directly to you. Details placed on the site by you are only available to Grooms that have registered with us we send these details to all the Grooms still on our database past and present so the reach is extensive.


How current is our information?

Grooms can register their details on our job board at any time even if they are not immediately available for employment. We ask Grooms to notify us immediately they find a position so that we can remove their details from the site.


How quickly can I start searching for Grooms?

Once you have registered online and paid our fee you will have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all Grooms registered with CAREER GROOMS LTD on-line worldwide. We have Grooms looking for permanent positions, both now and in the future, as well as contract and temporary staff. We have a comprehensive search facility which allows you to sort by various criteria e.g. discipline, work experience, locality, country and you can view Groom’s own comments as to work preferences.


Do you reference check Grooms?

No, our website is a Job Board and Grooms simply register their details online and are not interviewed or reference checked by CAREER GROOMS LTD. It is your responsibility to obtain references, conduct appropriate interviews and carry out appropriate background checks once you have decided that you may wish to offer employment to a Groom. You can view our Terms of Business here.


Is your service confidential?

We are governed by the Data Protection Act 1998 and deal with personal information provided to us accordingly. Your information is only on the job board if you have put it there. You can remain completely confidential by not posting your jobs and only searching the Groom database, contacting those whom are suited to your needs. For more information, see our Privacy Policy in our Terms of Business.


How much should I pay Grooms?

There is a shortage of good staff and experienced Grooms will be aware of their financial worth. There are many perks that may influence the salary package, such as accommodation including utilities, use of telephone, car, keep of horse, training and the opportunity to travel and compete. It is up to you to ensure you are paying the ‘going rate’ and remain within employment law. See our Useful Links for information and guidelines on employment law. Alternatively email us, or call us on +44 (0)207 289 6385.

What are my Employer obligations?

An employer must be aware of the law in the countries in which he/she operates at all times. Matters to bear in mind include (but are not limited to) minimum wage requirements, taxation, working hours’ regulation, sickness, holiday and maternity pay requirements and immigration control including work permits and visas. Our site contains a number of links to useful sites but you are advised to seek independent legal advice before entering into a contract of employment with any Groom. See our Useful Links page for links to information and guidelines on employment law. Alternatively email us, or call us on +44 (0)207 289 6385.


Can you help me write an effective advert for my vacancy?

Our Add a Vacancy form will guide you to answer questions about your vacancy which ensure your advert appears to as many candidates as possible. You can also upload photographs and display videos.

We can write and edit an advert for your role to gain maximum exposure of your vacancy. Please email us, or call us on +44 (0)207 289 6385 for advice or assistance with writing and placing your advert.


What happens when my job goes online?

Job Seekers can search and browse the vacancies on the CAREER GROOMS LTD job board and apply for jobs. CV’s and contact details of applicants will automatically be sent to your email inbox.