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Grooms FAQ’s

How does CAREER GROOMS Work?

CAREER GROOMS on-line offers an online service which allows you to post your details on our website for potential employers to view both in the UK and worldwide. At the same time, you can see a cross section of jobs available in all sectors of the equine community around the world. We provide links to websites that offer advice on immigration policies, Work Permits/Visas, NMW (National Minimum Wage), Employment law etc. As soon as your registration reaches our office, as a rule we upload it onto the website immediately. If you have specialist experience or are requesting more information, then we will hold your information until we have talked to you. We do have many jobs on our job board and if you have the experience we are looking for, then we may discuss our positions with you and refer you directly to our clients. We ask you to notify us as soon as you get a job and we will remove you from the active system.


Do I need a CV and References?

The employment market is getting more professional and there are many employers who do not want to contact anyone until they have looked at their CV and references. Our system allows you to say what you have done and what you want to do. To save yourself time and to get a head start for the best positions, you should have your CV and copies of your references to hand. Be prepared – have your CV and References on your computer so that you can email upon request. We can provide assistance on putting a CV together should you need it. You can download our CV template here.


Can my details remain confidential?

Yes. If you do not want anyone to know you are on the market, please give us a call and we can discuss your situation. If you have not told your current employer you are intending to leave, ensure your profile remains ‘Hidden’ by selecting the option in your account area. Even if your profile is hidden, you can still browse jobs and contact employers directly.


Do you pass on any information about Grooms to companies or third parties?

No absolutely not. The only people who will see your details are employers that have registered with us and have paid a fee. We are bound by the Data Protection Act and do not pass on any details to third parties. For more information see our Privacy Policy in our “Terms of Business”.


What salary and package can I expect?

CAREER GROOMS ensure wherever possible that all vacancies advertised meet minimum requirements in terms of pay, hours and statutory holiday. However, it is your responsibility to ensure this is being followed through upon acceptance of a new job and once you have started in a new position. You can find details of a number of sites that you may find useful in this respect by clicking on “Useful Links”.


What about taxation and legal requirements?

We cannot provide you with specific advice with regard to terms of employment, taxation, work permits, visas, minimum wages, working time regulations, sickness, maternity and holiday pay entitlements or other employee’s rights BUT you can find details of a number of sites that you may find useful in this respect by clicking on “Useful Links”.