Candidates FAQ’s

Groom’s FAQs – How does Career Grooms work to find your ideal equestrian job?
We have an online equine job service that is easy to use for both the candidate and the employer. Once you have registered with us, you have immediate access to all the current open vacancies and at the same time, your details are uploaded onto the site for potential clients to view. Communication is very simple – a click of a button will send your details directly to the employer and vice versa. All contact details are on your profile and it is up to you whether you use email or a personal call. We have “Useful Links” on the site to help you establish what you need to work inside or outside of your own country. Keeping our website up to date is important – keep your profile and your ‘available from’ date current and hide your details once you have agreed and accepted an equestrian job.

Do I need a CV and References?
Our system allows you to communicate your needs to potential employers on a Profile generated by your online application. An up-to-date CV with photos and videos (if a rider) shows your professionalism and will give you a head start on the most sought after jobs as they come on line. Most clients will ask for references, so prepare ahead – ask your past employers for a reference and ask them for permission to give their number to future employers. Written references are the best and can be saved on your computer for easy access and delivery via email to the employer. You can download our CV template here.

Can my details remain confidential?
Candidates as well as Employers can register and keep their details hidden and this is easy to do. There is a button at the top of your application, which allows you to control your own status, as you register and throughout your time with us. However, if you are ‘hidden’ you can see all the jobs and apply directly if one were to interest you. We are bound by the Data Protection Act, for more information see our Privacy Policy in our “Terms of Business”.

What about taxation and legal requirements?
If working outside your country of birth, you must establish what entry visas and work permits are necessary. Whether working in your own country or elsewhere, you must understand the terms of employment that will influence your package. Things like minimum wage, working time directives, sickness, maternity and holiday entitlements. Then there will be other considerations, such as accommodation, household bills, board of horse, on job training, use of car, etc You need to ensure you understand the full package on offer before you accept any position.