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Working in the UK from Overseas

• UK Visas and immigration

• British Foreign Office

• British Work Permits (Visas)

• Working Holidaymaker Visa

Working in the UK

Working, Jobs and Pensions A-Z

National Minimum Wage

Income Tax and Personal Allowance

Personal Tax


Department for Work and Pensions

British Grooms Association

Employing Staff from Overseas

• Employing a Person from Overseas

• British Foreign Office

• British Work Permits (Visas)

Employing Staff in the UK

Employing People A-Z

Contracts of Employment

Payroll and PAYE

Employing Staff for the First Time

Employing a Person from Overseas

UK Government Department for Business

The British Horse Society

Driving and Vehicle Licensing

Driving Licence Categories

Order DVLA Forms

Obtaining an HGV Licence

Owning or Keeping a Vehicle in the UK

Exchange a Foreign Driving Licence

Useful Travel Information

Network Rail

Airports of the United Kingdom

A-Z Maps

Visit Britain

Lonely Planet

Currency Converter

World Times

Working Overseas

British Foreign Office



United States


New Zealand

Other Useful Information

Curency Converter

World Times

Lonely Planet

Google Earth


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